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Newsletter, October 10, 2021

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to keep everybody up to date with my newsletter. I have 3 upcoming exhibitions, along with some new artworks. Recently, I started a series of conceptual/narrative paintings. These wonderful paintings are inspired by story's from my life as well as worldly issues affecting women. They show we can transfer the darkness to light in our life, by believing in our ability to change.

I am excited to announce that my conceptual painting, "My Life Flies Away Like A Dream, Why Should I Stay Behind," has been accepted for Exhibition SEELE und GEIST (Soul and Spirit), October 10th through October 30th.

The virtual opening reception via zoom is on Saturday, October 16 at 1 pm. Click on the painting to be taken to Shalla's latest website;

Above, is the image of my latest painting: "My Life Flies Away Like A Dream, Why Should I Stay Behind."

Great News, I just received a notification from Peter Mays that my painting,

"Afghanistan, American Tragedy," has been selected for: Vagaries Exhibition Gallery 825, online launching October 2nd. Find out more about Vagaries Exhibition

Also, two other paintings have been accepted at: the ART HEAL: Art Show and Auction. TAG Gallery Saturday, October 16th, 7-10 pm. Music renditions by Gregg Hill. Find out more about TAG Gallery

Shalla Javid is a self-taught artist in many styles and subject matter for 20 years. She believes Art is not always about pretty things, it is about who we are, what happened to us, and how our lives are affected.

Sincerely, Thank you all for the support.

© 2021 Shalla J.

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